Are you reaching them?

We can help you reach your target audience with engaging video written and designed to tell your true story.

We know it can be uncomfortable making a presentation in front of lights, sound equipment and cameras. Sidekick eliminates the fear factor with our one-on-one training before the shoot--you'll be fully prepared to do your best!

The Sidekick 'short talk' method helps to organize your thoughts for a natural presentation that's authentic, memorable, and straight from the heart.

Simple + Right to the Point

Rambling sales pitches, boring details about org charts and company policies are neither powerful nor memorable messages.


The best public speakers make connections with their audience by revealing raw, personal experience. Feed the listener's curiosity by simplifying what is complicated and be an expert while debunking popular myths. 

Our content support and training is inclusive in our production services because when you look and sound great, so do we.  The media we create is tailored for your purpose and targeted to reach your audience. It takes just a little extra preparation to make your presentation highly effective and successful.

Call us for a free introduction to our 'short talk' video presentation method for viral video messages, important announcements, Internet broadcasting, event promotion and more.

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